Host a SHOW & TELL!

is a unique experience full of fun and inspiration!

Connect with friends as you learn the story and concept behind Zymbol then shop ‘til you drop!

As the Host you’ll be the star of the show and have a chance to earn tons of FREE jewelry!



Get Started with a few easy steps:

  • Connect with a Zymbologist
  • Invite your friends
  • Host a Show & Tell
  • Earn FREE jewelry and access to HOST EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a Show & Tell?

Zymbol is all about the story! Home shows are a fantastic way to show the product line and tell the story. Therefore, we decided to name our in-home parties a Zymbol ‘SHOW & TELL’. These events last 1- 2 hours and take place in the hostess’ home, at a restaurant, or in the office. You will share Zymbol with your friends, talk about what your Zymbol represents and shop Zymbol’s unisex line of jewelry.

Who can host a Show & Tell?

You and everybody you know! Men and women of all ages wear Zymbol. If you’re into hosting an awesome and inspirational event and like free jewelry you should host a Show & Tell.

How does an online Design Session work?

Most online Show & Tells are held on Facebook and last from a few hours to a few days. You and your Zymbologist can decide the best way to set it up. The Zymbologist may create a group or event on Facebook and ask you to add your friends. Your Zymbologist will take charge of the event by telling your guests about Zymbol’s story and mission. Your guests can order on Zymbol’s e-commerce site or directly through your Zymbologist and you’ll earn rewards.

I like the idea of hosting a Show & Tell but how much time will I need to put into it?

Hosting a Show & Tell won’t take up much of your time. Your Zymbologist will guide you through the entire process. They’ll help create your invite list and send the invitations. We suggest you start this process about 3-4 weeks before the event.

How do I invite my friends & family?

Let everybody know about the Show & Tell by text, phone, Facebook, email, or postcard provided by you Zymbologist.

How many people should I invite?

You’ll work with your Zymbologist in an effort to invite 30-40 people. Historically, about a third of people will actually show up. You’ll be able to provide a link to those who don’t show so they can shop online. Online orders WILL count toward your Host Rewards!

Will I need to provide food and drinks?

Yes but keep it simple! One salty, one sweet and your favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage.

How do I use the rewards I earn?

Once the Show & Tell is officially closed (usually a few days after the event to allow for online orders) your Zymbologist will let you know exactly how much product credit, half-offs and host exclusives you’ve earned! You can place your order online or through your rep.

I don’t know any Zymbologists but want to host a Show & Tell. What do I do?

Simple! Just contact us through our website or 888# and we’ll connect you with a Zymbologist in your area.

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