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ZYMBOL has affected many people from all walks of life. This segment of the website gives you a chance to tell everybody what your Zymbol means to YOU! You can also read about how Zymbol has touched the lives of other people.

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Chris Carlstrand Wood

I got a Zymbol necklace for my husband on our 10th anniversary. He was so taken by the gift he wanted to tattoo it on his arm in case he ever lost or damaged the necklace. It is truly one of his favorites....He wears Zymbol everyday!

My brother and I are part of the tattoo crew now! Thanks for bringing this great symbol full of meaning into our lives :)

We were so moved by the story and concept of Zymbol that we decided to get matching tattoos of the design!! We LOVE how the message will be able to change and evolve with us throughout the rest of our lives.

You guys really have something special here - keep it up!

Michelle Presley

Who would have thought that one serendipitous moment could impact your life forever?!

During our time exploring the Annual Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell Hill, TX, my mom and I discovered Zymbol. As we approached the booth, we were both very drawn to the product and were excited to learn about it - but as we met Dane and he shared his family’s story with us, we fell in love with every aspect of what Zymbol “zymbolizes”.

Zymbol will eternally be an important part of our lives as we move through our daily processes. Mom and I both believe that Zymbol will become an important piece to those we love as we pass on their story and bring more people into the community!"

Michelle Presley

Cheryl Reynolds

My daughter spotted your booth at the Texas Bluebonnet Festival. As we approached, we realized that this item hit deep in our hearts.

We have an acronym for a special message between us and this piece of jewelry allows us to always carry it next to our hearts. I bought us each the small zymbol necklace which we will cherish throughout our lifetimes!

Thank you for this amazing accident !!! We are telling everyone we know your story and can now show them this beautiful piece of jewelry that embraces our relationship.

Cheryl Reynolds

Lynn Jobe

Hi Dane I have had a Zymbol bracelet for many years - I wear it all the time! My husband and kids bought it for me at an arts festival for Mother's Day- of course, the bracelet spelled out Mother and Love that day! It's become a part of our family conversation where my kids will ask "what's your bracelet say today?" In good times it says the names of the people (and dog) I love, the town where we go on vacation, birthdays, anniversaries, goals and celebrations. In in more difficult times, it offers messages of hope, inspiration and calm. Unfortunately, I lost my bracelet last weekend, and had to order another right away because it's such a beacon for keeping me focused on the message of the day. Thanks for the part you play in keeping focused on what's important and making me wrist look pretty, in the process! Best,

Lynn Jobe, Austin, TX

Jocelyn Herrett
Dear Dane: Great news, my gold pendant arrived today along with your personalized note of appreciation. We have adopted this fabulous concept as a family identity. Many friends, colleagues and even strangers have asked us about them and we sing you praises for a truly inspirational concept. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and will no doubt purchase many more for special occasions.

I have given over 20 Zymbol's away to people who are special to me. I really enjoy spreading the love from your beautiful design, and everyone I have given it to has said that it makes them feel incredibly special. Thank you for creating such a wonderful gift!

Celeste Messer
Wanted to tell you a story of how your 'family project' became a part of my 'family project'. As a mother of four daughters ranging from 18-30 and a 10 year old granddaughter I am all about family. As it happens my daughters' birthdays are all in the spring, so this year I was looking for a gift that would mean something to all of us, a legacy of sorts
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Sandi Rogers
I came accross the Zymbol charm this past November and I was immediately drawn to it. On hearing the story I knew I had to have one and I knew right away that mine said "Relay For Life"; I am a breast cancer survivor and a Relay For Life enthusiast.
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Whitney Ullman
I am in love with my sterling silver Zymbol bracelet! Being a fashion jewelry fanatic and dabbling in creating my own pieces, it's often that I can appreciate another artists work, however it's not often that I admire and appreciate a symbol.
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Holly Shirland
Hello Dane, I absolutely LOVE my necklace and get regular comments on how beautiful and unique it is. I use my necklace as a guide or tool on a daily basis. Today it is empowering me to stay focused on my goals!
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Teresa Williams
I found my Zymbol bracelet by chance at the Junior League Holiday Magic. I loved it right away. I am a believer in positive thinking and knew this bracelet would be perfect for me. I don’t take it off; I wear it everywhere, even when I am working out at the gym.
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Joan Anderson
My son and his family gave me a pendant for Mother's Day this year. My 11 year-old grandson, who actually saw it first, asked me daily, "What does it say today, Grandma?" There's something very magical about the charm.
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DeDe Murcer Moffett
What a joy to work with Dane Short Co-founder of Meridane Design -jewelry that inspires and empowers! As the CEO and Founder of Snap Out Of It Women an organization which inspires and empowers women to find their own truth and power, I was sincerely moved by the story and the jewelry of Meridane Design.
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My Mom passed away a year ago tomorrow, April 13, 2009. Last fall I was going through some old things and found a necklace she had given my son when he was a baby. It was almost the same as the Meridane design--but just had the letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U superimposed on each other.
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Joanna Smith
I received a gorgeous Zymbol Pendant with a Crystal Sphere Stone in the center of the Symbol. The bail on the pendant is large enough that it will easily fit almost any type of chain, so you can switch it to a chain of your choice and preference in the future.
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Beverly Hendricks
Hi Sally, I met your kids (Merida & Dane) today at the Parker Show in San Antonio. I too am a mother. My daughter is about their age. I wanted you to know the pride that I saw in your children's faces as they told your story. I wanted you to know the LOVE that I could feel in their voices as they spoke of your design and the message it speaks.
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Last year my Grandpa passed away and I wanted to get my Grandmother something to remember him by. One of my friends recommended that I check out Meridane Design. I was awed by the power and possibilities of the Zymbol and decided to get her one.
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Stacy Marie Szurek
Think of what is meaningful to you.... I have a necklace that represents that! I was very fortunate to be able to review Meridane Design's Love and Empowerment Symbol necklace. It's a lovely design with a great story behind it, and it would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift or any occasion gift for someone you love.
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Joni Laib
Hi Sally! I just wanted to tell you that I love my necklace!!! I showed it to my daughter (11) today and she totally LOVES it!!! I think it would be a great gift for her with her dad & I going through the divorce, it can be so much to her through all of this!!!
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Michelle Todd
Earlier this year, I ordered the bracelet. I love the simplicity of it. My bracelet was a "love" gift to myself------ been through some tough times lately and I felt happy to gift myself a great piece of jewelry. The Short's are a fantastic family!
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C D Miller
As I wandered the Country Peddler show on Saturday, November 28, I was at a crossroad in my life. I'd just sold my home, packing almost everything I own into a 10' x 20' store room, while I stay with my beau. At 46 I'm starting over. I'm houseless, mortgageless, virturally debt free.
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Jen Cuntz
Meridane Design came in to my life when I needed it most. At the beginning of June, 2009, I sat around in a daze after receiving the most dreaded news, that a dear friend of mine "Kelly" had just lost her beautiful eight-year-old son "Charles" to acute encephalitis.
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