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The Peace Sign


The peace sign has a history that is clouded by he said, she said, when was it first designed and by whom? I have read a few articles that indicate it was designed in 1958. The question is was the sign or symbol used previously? To be honest I really don't have an answer the could be defined or backed up with some sort of facts.

The peace sign to me means freedom, happiness, hippies, flowers and Vietnam. I came to know the peace sign in the early 70's.There was the Vietnam War going on and war protest were common place. The peace sign was seen on many television stations that were covering the war. The peace sign to me means purple paisley not sure why, but that is how I visualize the peace sign. The peace sign to me is a good thing, a sense of hope, calming feeling and a youthful emotion.

I think symbols or signs are in the eyes of the beholder. What does the peace sign mean to you? How do you feel about it? The peace sign can mean one thing to one culture and something totally different to another. I have noticed a younger person bases there opinions from what they have been taught and an old person bases their opinions off of what they have lived through. No matter how you feel about the peace sign, it is truly a symbol that has touch generations of people.

YOLO my friends, make it count, peace out!

Written by Wayne Collier of www.fljean.com
Clothing Retailer @ www.fljean.com since 2006


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