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Five Tips For Buying Jewelry Wholesale


Here are some useful tips for those looking to wholesale fashion jewelry, especially in Bali.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #1

You first need to find out what you have to do to qualify to buy jewelry wholesale. Sometimes a vendor's license is required. Most times, but not always, bulk buying is a necessity. Often, you will have to deal with sellers in overseas countries. Each of these qualifications poses different challenges and hurdles to overcome. Vendor's licenses often come at a price. Can you afford the licensing fees? Vendors are most often required to submit tax forms every so often. 

Do you know what forms you need, how to properly complete them and where they should be returned? Do you have the time for forms and other paperwork? Bulk buys may not be your thing, especially if you are only searching for that perfect engagement ring or sweet sixteen gifts.

There are online suppliers that will sell single pieces, as well as jewelry fair or show vendors, but they require a bit of digging to find and contact. Do you have the time to Google through hundreds of websites to find the one that will sell you just one of whatever it is you are looking for? Many overseas vendors sell at wholesale prices.

When dealing with foreign sellers, several things must be taken into consideration your pricing, currency and shipping. What currency are the prices listed? That great ring may in fact cost closer to $4000 if the price listed is £2000. How will your payment be made?

Most online sellers do accept credit cards or PayPal, but there are sometimes extra charges for handling foreign your ID accounts. Lastly, consider shipping. How long will it take for your item to arrive? Can it be insured? Are the shipping charges going to negate your savings over retail prices?

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #2

Once you make the decisions that wholesale buying, is in fact, for you, your next decision should be where to buy. Again, a Google search can be most helpful in finding just the right vendors for you. Notice I said vendors, not just vendor. You want to comparison shop. Find similar pieces on several sites and compare their prices, their shipping policies and prices, and their return policies. If one or two sites stand out above the rest, then you can feel assured that you will be dealing with a reputable company. Just as you wouldn't necessarily buy that special piece of jewelry from the local con artist pawn broker, you don't want to deal with a slick Internet snake oil salesman, either. Most quality dealers your sites will be listed with Better Business Bureaus, professional associations or other quality assuring organizations.

If you aren't familiar with a site your accreditation's, perform a Google on them too. Also, be sure that you are dealing with a real your ID wholesaler. Most will ask for either your vendor's license number, or a tax identification number. If a site doesn't ask for these, flee as fast as you can close the site. An informed buyer is a happier buyer.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #3

Be sure that the merchandise you are buying is the real deal. Educate yourself on how jewelry is made. Plated jewelry isn't as high a quality as 14 jewelry, which isn't as good as solid jewelry. Become familiar with the terminology used to describe jewelry, too. Know what 14 is. Learn the difference between a simulated gemstone and a chemically enhanced one.

Don't be fooled by imitations or wannabes. Don't be afraid to ask question, either. If you can't figure out an items description in the online catalog, contact the seller. A reputable seller will reply, hopefully with an answer to your query. If not, find someone else. If you are looking for a special, unique piece, you want it to be a quality piece, not a half-priced knock-off.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #4

You have straightened out all you paperwork and become a wholesaler. You have searched out the sites that sell only quality stuff. You can spot a simulated emerald from the real thing at a hundred paces. Now, you are ready to go shopping. Don't buy the first piece that catches your fancy. Again, comparison shop. You may be able to find the item, or something very similar available somewhere else. Maybe even retail or from an auction site. And it may just be less costly somewhere else.

Don't just compare prices, either. Compare shipping, return policies, customer ratings and feedback comments. In short, narrow down your purchase to the best possible choice. It's a lot of facts to juggle, I know. In the end, though, all your hard work will be worth it.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #5

Find your self at least one reputable local seller to deal with in cases of cleanings and repairs. Most wholesalers don't offer repair services, and even the highest quality jewelry piece can suffer an unexpected break or bend.

You certainly don't want to have to pay shipping just to get your jewelry, either. A local retailer with a friendly face to go along with the service is a necessity.

You want to buy a piece of jewelry. Not just any old piece of jewelry will do, either. You want something different and unique. You aren't interested in some run-of-the-mill, see it in every shop and catalog item. It's you got to be special. It's got to be high quality. And you know it's going to be expensive.

Buying jewelry wholesale can deliver everything you are looking for unique, high quality jewelry with an added bonus a fraction of the cost of retail. So, just how do you go about buying jewelry at wholesale prices? The previous five tips can get you started and well on your way to becoming a satisfied wholesale jewelry customer.

Written by Budivis of www.budivis.com
Wholesale Costume Jewellery & Handicraft Manufacturers in Bali, Indonesia.


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